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Most famous playwright ever. Allegedly stole all his ideas from the Italians. Not the sonnets, though.

Borrowing Genius

Some might say that there is neither rhyme nor reason to the rule of plagiarism when the great Bard himself was a creative "borrower." No one tries to plagiarize Shakespeare because – among other reasons – getting caught is a foregone conclusion. But occasionally an intemperate, hot-blooded youth will think a little borrowing and re-mixing is simply fair play

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Double Falsehood Not False After All

New evidence has come to light that the 18th century play Double Falsehood — whose author famously claimed (to mixed reviews) that it was based on Shakespeare’s missing play Cardenio — actually is derived from Shakespeare’s lost work.  Rumors abound that the play will be performed by the Royal Shakespeare Company when the Swan Theatre in Stratford reopens. One mystery remains — what did Lewis Theobold do with the three copies of Cardenio he claimed to possess?  For the full story see Mark Brown’s article in the Guardian.

When Is Re-Mixing Copyright Infringement?

Several years ago, Jonathan Lethem wrote a brilliant article defending the use of "borrowing" by writers in their pursuit of new creation, arguing that creation itself necessarily calls upon the inchoate melange of what one has read over one's life as an unconscious source of style, language, allegory, sentence structure, plot, and pacing, and that -- in a sense -- imitation is the sincerest form of flattery

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