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A protected design registered with the USPTO

Patented Yoga

Bikram's basic assertion -- that the mere organization of millennia-old forms into a discrete system renders it patentable -- seems spurious, and risible if one thinks too hard about it. These are forms, after all, that have been taught by guru after guru after guru in their hidden caves and mountains and secret holy cities in India for literally thousands of years. Yet here comes Bikram swanning along in his Hummer

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The Patented PB & J

The lowly peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Who would ever have thought it could evolve (or mutate) into so many different forms -- from the peanut butter, banana, and bacon sandwich (Elvis' favorite), to the peanut-butter-frosted jelly doughnut, to the Bukowski Tavern's famous Peanut Butter Burger (with onions)?

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Technological Marvels

Of the many technological innovations that have leapt onto the stage of world commerce and actually changed the way people interact with the world around them every day, there are a few that are so startlingly transformative they actually shock the public into a new frame of perception. I have a few personal favorites that [...]

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