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China Hits Cafes With Copyright Fee

In an attempt to rebut allegations that it allows copyright thieves to roam unmonitored throughout Beijing and the great steppes, China has announced that it will impose a copyright fee on internet cafes which allow customers to download and watch movies while enjoying their lattes. How China intends to monitor internet usage at the 140,000 [...]

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The Busy Executive’s Guide to Self-Defense (Against Hackers)

In her new guide for corporate management, Enterprise Security for the Executive: Setting the Tone From The Top, Jennifer Bayuk, former head of information security for Bear Stearns, contends that assaults on corporate security over the Internet continue to put valuable corporate assets at risk, and offers guidance for measuring, managing and minimizing those risks. As long as people stand to make money by accessing your data, you can be sure that someone out there is tap-tap-tapping at your firewall, hoping that you’ve stopped paying attention momentarily. One possible solution? Follow the footsteps of the FBI and hire a former hacker to make your site impenetrable.