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Does Facebook really own the trademark FACE and BOOK? Come inside and see.

Who Owns Your Facebook Account When You Die?

It's the first month of January 2013 and you're driving through Malibu in the new Audi coupe your lovely wife bought you for Xmas when, out of nowhere, a truck comes barreling through the intersection right next to D'Amore's Famous Pizza and the last thought you have is "What the . . . ."

Ten days later after the funeral your wife decides she wants to turn your Facebook page into a memorial page for all your friends to post pictures of you and tell intimate stories. So what happens when we die? As Lionel Barrymore famously said, "You can't take it with you when you go."

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How to Trademark Your Face

I love Facebook. Some days, I almost love it as much as I love pie (or pi). But when the Ministry of Silly Walks informed me several days ago that the Patent and Trademark Office had given Facebook the go-ahead to move forward with its trademark application for the word "Face," I was appalled.

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