Jesters Do Oft Prove Prophets

In a world where corporations take umbrage at the slightest violation of their trademarks, where performing artists have been known to scream obscenities and throw shoes at preteens for downloading their favorite single on Kazaa, and where you can eat a Big Mac three times a day, but can’t call yourself Big Mac, comedy remains the one true fortress of intellectual property — where anyone with the requisite strength of character, sharp tongue, and penchant for trenchant commentary can take center  stage and cross swords with all and sundry.

There is no man too majestic, no Santa too sacred, no idol too idolized that he cannot be skewered on the point of someone’s rapier wit. Some say a people is known by its politicians, but a fairer reading can usually be had by analyzing its humor. In the words of the incomprehensible Chaucer, “a man may seye full sooth  in game and pley,” which — loosely translated –means “many a true word hath been spoken in jest.”

And as far as silly pop songs go, well, making fun of them is almost as sacrosanct as the tipping of sacred cows in upper Boise State.

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