Category: Arcana

The marginalia posts which are of interest to moi, but perhaps of less interest to others searching for pure intellectual property content

Superman Grows Old

The question of what happens to Superman as he ages was never dealt with, you know. Does he age at all if left on Sol to operate by solar power? Do his powers fade with time? Does he achieve a sort of "super" senescence that is like the hip vibe of the World's Most Interesting Man, but lasts forever?

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A Pirate’s Life For Me

As all of you who have ever watched a DVD know, each Blu-Ray begins with an unskippable anti-piracy blurb that equates copyright infringement with raiding of the sort that felled the Incas and filled Billy Bones' sea chest with doubloons. Which is only to be expected when copyright owners refer to copyright infringement as "theft."

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